Lesson # 58 – Podcasts and Dragons

Click HERE for Lesson # 58

On another special interview lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt interview Josh Lorimer from the Sneak Attack! podcast. The Subject: How to Start and Run a Real Play Podcast!

With over three years of experience running and participating in real play D&D podcasts, Josh brings a well spring of insights that will help anyone looking to start their own podcast adventure.

Josh Lorimer is also a busy person and is producing a lot of content for those in the gaming community to enjoy. Some of these include:

His newest podcast, The Titans of All’Terra:


His Youtube Channel about the The Titans of All’Terra and his show on DMing called The DM Josh Show:


And of course one of our favorite D&D podcasts at of all time Sneak Attack:


Did this interview give inspire you to grab your friends and start a new creative endeavor?

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