Lesson # 40 – Graduation and Dragons

Click HERE for Lesson 40!

School is out for summer!!! With empty desks and empty classrooms, Josh and Matt sit back and recount adventures from their D&D games in club and in the classroom. No rules, No lesson plans, just two teachers telling stories about the fun they had playing D&D with their students over the 2017 – 2018 school year.

Highlights from their adventures include:

-3 to 4 player characters pretending to be a tall goblin.

-Scrunt II Son of Scrunt.

-Josh making a questionably powerful player character for himself.

-A hammer that sounds a bit like Guy Fieri


Summer Note: Josh and Matt are taking a little break to recharge after a long school year. Detentions and Dragons will be back on June 25th with a new episode. Thanks again for all the support from all listeners, teachers, players, DMs, and students. We couldn’t have made it through the first 40 episodes without you!!

Did these two teachers help you finish the greatest D&D story ever played? Help them out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend, teacher, or student. New listeners are the best way to help us grow as a podcast. Thanks again for all of your support!

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